These audio clips are designed to simulate performances and will give you a quick glimpse of my music.  I play a variety of genres so I have  included examples of Country, Rock n’ Roll, Classic Favorites, Blues Harmonica and Slide Guitar.  Those clips are titled Fulsome Prison Blues, Old Time Rock n’ Roll, Sweet Caroline, Blues Harmonica –Hoochie Coochie and Slide guitar - Dust My Broom.  You will also find a gentle, slow blues classic in a minor key – Summer Time.  It is presented in four sections highlighting different parts of my act: vocals, blues harmonica, saxophone and guitar improvisations.  The last clip is Sweet Caroline, which is a song that everyone seems to like.

Hope you enjoy these glances and I hope you will invite me to play for you some time.  Of course, no recording ever sounds as good or is as much fun as live music.

Please look under the “Song List” Tab for my song list to get a more complete view of songs that I perform.


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